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Special price for quick sale £40.00 + Vat                               Very special price Etna Verde Omega worktops


Prima Range Work Top                                                                               Bushboard Omega range
Blue Carpathia                                                                                               Etna Verde Surf
Colour code: 2932/2935                                                                              Colour code : E046

Size 3000mm x 600mm x 40mm                          ———-                   3000 x 600 x 28mm £25 + vat

————————————————————————-                  3000  x 900 x 28mm Breakfast bar £50 + vat

Special promotion until Jan 15 £50.00 + Vat SSP £127                      4000 x 600 x 28mm £30.00 + vat

————————————————————————-               matching up-stands £10 + vat

coal grey

Artis Erosion work top size 3000mm x 600mm x 40mm

Coal Bay

Contrast your kitchen design with erosion, an exclusive

new texture with a weathered stone vibe. Reflecting softer light,

erosion undulating surface and calmer tones provides elegant

contrast to modern facia designs